How Are Documents Stored?

When you index a document, the document id and text are stored in the database. The original PDF document is stored as a PDF file in a folder on your hard drive. The design is optimized to facilitate fast document retrieval. Streamdoc uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for the database component.

Can I Modify a Document?

No. Streamdoc is designed to index and retrieve docu-ments, not allow changes. However there is nothing to prevent you editing the stored pdf document and then re-indexing it again as a revised version of the original.

Is Multiple User Access Available?

Streamdoc is a web application having the website serve documents to the user's web browser. So, there is no problem with many users viewing the same documents at the same time.

How Many Documents Can I Store?

The limits are set by two main factors: 1. Folder storage space, and 2. Database size. When you run out of storage space on your hard drive then you will have reached one limiting factor. When the database gets full you will have reached another. Streamdoc does not impose any limits.

Will Streamdoc Slow Down?

Since the document content and location information are held within the database, searching is fast. It is not necessary to search through file folders for a particular document. The file names are displayed to you as a list and the time required to open the file depends on the size of the document.

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